Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Commissioned Portraits for Bridegroom, Wedding Anniversary and for your loved ones. Yes your Precious gift for your loved ones.

Name of the persons on the portrait who has gifted this.

Portrait of Barry Palmer and his wife, Australia, second vice president of International Lions Clubs.Portrait gifted by Mr Naresh Aggarwal (India)

Reference Picture mailed to me by the customer of the above Portrait

My beautiful moments with Mr Naresh Aggarwal Ji ( chairman Sunstar overseas Ltd )

Portrait in a wooden box ready to dispatch.

We are using  DHL to deliver Portrait around the world

Thanks for visiting my blog! Here you have seen Portraits which I have created on order for some of my client around the world. These Portraits are not just quickly drawn sketches but are highly detailed Mix-Media Portraits drawn on Acid-free 225 gsm thick paper which last for generations. For completion it takes around three to six weeks time depending on the number of subjects on the portrait.

Making a purchase on-line on the Internet from a total stranger can be difficult experience especially when you are sending money and totally depending on that person to deliver the fine finish product. But believe me heavy responsibility to put my Initials as an Artist on the finished Portrait compels me to make every portrait a Ultimate-Masterpiece. "Content customer gives me more customers". That is how my work is flourishing.

Let me assure you I will stay in frequent contact with you completely and send you the work in progress pictures time to time so you would be completely aware of your work.

Portrait Price 1200 USD

Discounted Price 
  600 USD

Portrait Size 18'' x 24'' 
Frame Size 30.5''x36.5''
( Including Framing and Postage)

Talk to me 919711798538 and then you have to mail me your Photograph and Pay the advance partial payment to confirm your order so that I start your portrait project immediately. I will e-mail  your Final Framed Picture of your Portrait and the Paypal link for you to make the balance payment.

After receiving  the final balance payment I will courier you the Portrait through 
                                           Artist Contact

 Anil Thomas    
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